“The hardest decision is going to be when to jump” – H. B Steward

460 Group provides guidance for projects startups. After individuals have discovered their idea and Plan Of Action seed funding is naturally the next stage.

Raising money at this point can be difficult and some Plan Of Actions may be ready to go, while others will need to raise a lot more. We like to think of it as the dollar per hour scenario. The more moving parts you will have in your project count each piece as another dollar you need to have per hour.

(Example: If Johnny came up with the newest window cleaning tool that was rubber and metal that is two pieces, so $2 dollars. If Susan made a robot that can climb the windows and clean, think of how many parts plus software development it will require to make. Thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The simpler the idea the easier it is to move, the more complex ideas though expensive they are the game changers of the world.

The goal is to get you through the first phase. When you have finished the pre-prototype samples, made videos and put finishing touches on your slider presentations. That when we introduce you to the next stage of growing your idea to a reality.

Here at the group the most important is to maintain the advancement of the ideas we bring on board. Making sure the set Plans Of Action and the key components are being solved. The resources at our disposal are key to launching these ideas from just that into tangible asset.

Around here data and people move at the speed of light. Usually in about 8 weeks you are amazed at what is right in front of you. Now you are marveling and staring at all that has been accomplished. Most people like to celebrate by catching up on sleep or visiting family at home. All kidding aside, the group spends day and nights creating and sculpting to make sure it is done right the first time.